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The Ford Boss 429 Mustang available at Russo and Steele auction

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011



In 1969, Ford introduced a limited production model to the Mustang line. The Boss 429 was the most expensive and most powerful Mustang ever produced to that time. The name referred to its 429 cubic-inch V8 engine, and the Boss ‘Nine’ was Ford’s answer to the Chrysler 426 cubic-inch ‘Hemi’ V8, which dominated NASCAR racing by the late Sixties. In order to meet NASCAR homologation requirements, Ford had to offer the Boss 429 engine as a ‘regular’ production option. Ford decided to offer the engine in the Mustang, even though the Torino body style was used in NASCAR. Due to the sheer size of the engine, extensive modification was made to the entire front end of the car, which was too narrow for the motor. Consequently, Ford contracted with Kar Kraft, to develop and build the Boss 429 Mustang.
Starting in January of 1969, Super Cobra Jet Mustangs were shipped from the Dearborn production plant to the Kar Kraft assembly facility in Brighton, Michigan, where they were converted into Boss 429s. In order to install the engine, the shock towers were heavily modified, and the suspension was lowered and moved further outwards, using spindles and control arms unique to the Boss 429. The battery was relocated to the trunk, and a rear sway bar was fitted to the rear suspension. The fenders were hand rolled, and the hood was hand fabricated for an oversized air-scoop with a manually controlled intake flapper valve. In all, the Boss 429 underwent a host of modifications using several hundred parts unique to this year and model, and upon completion, each car was assigned a unique KK 429 NASCAR production number. Kar Kraft built 857 Boss 429 Mustangs from January of 1969 through July of that same year. Each car cost a whopping $4800, and the only option was a choice of colors. Due to the complexity and exorbitant cost of the conversion at Kar Kraft, Ford reportedly suffered a considerable loss on each car sold.
Only 93 Raven Black Boss 429 Mustangs were built in 1969, making it the rarest of the five factory colors offered.

Barrett Jackson Orange County

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011



We had a great time this year at Barrett Jackson Orange County California.

The weather was fantastic, and so were the cars.

The Thursday evening gala event was unreal.  There were many local restaurants there to serve up their specialties and the band kept the crowd on their feet all night.

Friday started the sale, and their were some bargains to be had including a beautiful 1968 Camaro Pro Street that brought $18,000. 

Saturday brought a huge crowd and the auction area was packed.  I will post a picture of the high money vehicle which was a 21 window VW bus bringing $198,000!