Diminished Value

Have you victim of accident and not even your fault? In today’s world of information, reports as CarFax track vehicle accidents the life your vehicle. When you try to trade or sell your vehicle, dealer or buyer will able see your car has been involved in accident. This lowers the price that potential buyer is willing give you car. In state of North Carolina, statute 20-71.4 states that vehicle has collision that exceeds 25% of vehicles value at time of accident, the seller must disclose that information in writing to potential buyer. N.C. Auto Appraisal can help you recover this diminished value for your car. What exactly is diminished value? Let’s look at 2 identical make and model cars. One has not been in accident and other has damage history. Vehicle 1 value with no accident: $30,000 Vehicle 2 value with accident: $24,500 Diminished Value: $5,500

NC Auto Appraisal as expert News 2 Greensboro, NC. news story. You read article below, or view copying and pasting your browser: http://www.wfmynews2.com/news/local/outreach/call-for-action/get-paid-for-lost-value-of-wrecked-car_20160531020939107/223504501

GREENSBORO, NC — A paper clip. If you bend it out of shape and try to make it make look like a paper clip again, well it sort of does. But it’s just not the same as a paper clip that’s never bent pulled apart. That’s the same idea with a car that’s been wrecked. You can put it back together but it’s never quite the same and therefore has lost some of its value. But if the accident wasn’t your fault, do you have to eat that loss? That doesn’t seem fair. And That’s what 2 Wants to Know’s Lechelle Yates and Call for Action thought when one of your neighbors reached out for help. Norma Partee’s 2014 Volvo S60 sedan was perfect until someone hit it. The accident damage totaled $7200. The other driver’s insurance paid for repairs but the crash still cost Norma. A Volvo dealer told Norma before the crash her car was worth $25,525. But the wreck knocked off $3,100 to $5,000. In the insurance world, that’s called diminished value. Go here to look at this, To make up for diminished value, the other driver’s insurance company offered her $800! Auto appraisers talked have name for that offer – “I call it away money. The insurance company offers you value to go away. They hope that $800. Woo hoo. $800. That’s perfect. I love it. And thank you for giving me money. And then you go away,” says Brian Manning with NC Auto Appraisal. 2 Wants to Know Call for Action advised Norma to hire auto appraiser. The appraiser estimated the loss of value at $3800. The insurance company’s appraiser countered with $3400 and this time Norma said yes. And she walked away with $2600 more than she was initially offered. So often we’re just worried about getting the car repaired. We don’t even think about having right to back the money we lost. So how much will appraisal set you back? Anywhere from $200 to $500. BUT the appraisers talked and the websites looked will pre-qualify you. So basically your questions at free. And your appraiser and the insurance companies appraiser are way far apart, our legislators actually looked out for us. Two sides can’t negotiate something, as system in place help everybody come to number.

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