Tires and their age

One of the most overlooked items on classic cars are their tires.  As classic car owners, we don’t use our classics everyday and many times they have very few miles put on them each year.  That means that our tires can last several years without being replaced.   Many times we overlook that fact that it might be time to change our tires.  Do you know how old your tires are?  Did you purchase your classic with the tires that are on it, and how old are they?  Have you closely checked the condition of your tires recently?


If you don’t know how old your tires are, or they are over 10 years old,  you need to consider replacing them.  One of the last things you want is your tire to separate on you while driving.  The tire could cause severe damage to your car, or even worse cause a major accident and forever ruin your classic.


If in doubt, spend the money and get your beloved classic and buy it some new sneakers!!!!!!