Getting your classic ready part II

When getting your classic ready make sure you change out your filters including the air filter, the oil filter and the transmission filter. 

Don’t forget to check your fuel filter as well.  You never know when it might be clogged, which is a telling sign about your fuel tank.


It is important to check your spark plugs and make sure they are in good condition.  Don’t forget the hard to reach one.  If this is a new car to you, did the other owner skip that plug due to it’s location?  It might be time for new ignition wires, cap and rotor and or points.


Make sure your belts are not cracked and in good condition.  If you aren’t sure, just replace them.  And the same goes for your radiator and vacuum hoses.


The weather will start to change soon and you will be wanting to drive your classic, so start on these items now and be ready for Spring driving.