Recent Customer Testimonial

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for working with me and coming to an agreeable settlement with Nationwide for lost value on my Toyota Tundra. Nationwide did everything they could to discourage, aggravate and delay this thing but it has worked out to my satisfaction. Their initial determination was that I … Read more

New 2 Greensboro Diminished Value

Here is a news story on New 2 Greensboro that I was used in………..

Don’t let this happen to you…….

This car was a fully restored 1932 Ford.  An accident in the garage led to a fire that overtook this vehicle.  Make sure your car is appraised so you don’t have to fight the insurance company after the fact. Call 919-606-6720

Raleigh Classic Car Auction

The Raleigh Classic Car Auction begins tomorrow 12/4/14.   We will be in attendance tomorrow.  Please feel free to call 919-606-6720 if you need a vehicle looked at before purchasing!!!!