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This is unbelievable!!!

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

1947 FORD TRUCK SELLS FOR $800,000.00

These pictures show a 1947 ford 1/2 ton pickup truck from Whitby, Ontario, Canada that was just sold to FORD MOTOR COMPANY of Detroit, Michigan, USA for the sum of $800,000.00, plus a new Ford F350 dually truck.

This truck, according to Ford records, is one of only 35 that was ordered and built in 1947 with factory installed…. McCulloch water cooled supercharger, special carburetor, special very low profile air cleaner for the McCulloch, due to hood height problem. When installed, intake has lower carb mounting height ‘special supercharger intake’, (see above air cleaner ) Edmunds finned aluminum heads, Fenton cast iron headers, factory dual exhaust.

OTHER OPTIONS ORIGINALLY INSTALLED ON THE TRUCK: Sliding rear window, installed outside sun visor, vacuum powered dash fan, factory compass, ashtray, smokers kit, locking steering column, dome light, inside sun visors, bumper mounted fog lights, some form of factory cruise control with knob & wire in dash.

This truck was started being restored by Dave Hill. Dave and his father Len purchased the truck from the farmer who was the ORIGINAL OWNER, and who ordered it equipped as it is, new in 1947.

Dave has added his own custom touches like the early luggage rack metal box in pickup bed rear, blue dot twin taillights and other details.  Metal covered spare tire cover.

What makes this truck so rare and valuable???

As one of ONLY 35 documented originally built, it may be the only remaining original numbers matching example that can be authenticated and was by a team of Ford museum employees before the offer and the purchase was made.  Apparently there ‘might be’ two other survivors that are in pieces, but cannot, or have not, been authenticated.

80000 truck

Barrett Jackson

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Barrett Jackson starts this weekend on January 17th and runs through the 23rd.

This is the 40th anniversary for Barrett Jackson.


Speed TV will be airing 40 hours of coverage.

Was your car totaled?

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011


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