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New vehicle supply

Monday, April 25th, 2011



It looks like the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan is now really affecting the supply of new cars. 


Honda, Nissan and Toyota are all having problems with the supply of parts and they are slowing the production in their North American plants.  They are also controlling the trim levels being built due to the parts shortage. 


What does this mean to you the consumer?  There will be limited choices of what you can purchase and there will be no discounts or rebates on what is available. 

This is a difficult time to be in the market for a new car because even the Detroit 3 are having inventory issues.  The microprocessors needed in their vehicles are made in Japan and Chrysler, Ford and GM are having a difficult time getting what they need. 

The expectation is that this may last for months. 

Charlotte Auto Fair

Friday, April 8th, 2011

The Charlotte Auto Fair is going on right now, April 8th-10th at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

If you have never been to the Auto Fair, you are missing out.  It is an amazing show.  You will see cars parked 3 and 4 deep around the entire 1 1/2 mile track, there is an giant vendor and swap meet area in the infield as well as a huge auto auction.

Estimates say that this is going to be one of the biggest Auto Fairs ever.


Sunday, April 3rd, 2011






Cobra 6


Replicars are a great way for you to get the car you have always wanted for half or sometimes less than a third of the price. 

Many times replicars have superior performance to the original and include modern creature comforts.  The frames, braking and suspension can be comprised of the most up to date and modern components making the car safer and more fun to drive.

You also will not hurt the value of a replicar by adding your own engine upgrades and items such as satellite radio.


What are your thoughts on replicars?